By | 2nd March 2015

Hi all,

As you know, we pride ourselves on always paying out on time and making sure nobody misses a payment. When we first started our site, we would pay every 24 hours no questions asked regardless of the payout amount. Unfortunately, by doing this, we opened ourselves up to abuse as people were completing offers with false information, and in some cases, automating filling the same offer in over and over again.

We started to receive a lot of chargebacks from our advertisers, this meant we were paying out Bitcoin which we could never reclaim. As time has gone on, we have tried to find ways round this by holding big payouts for a few days and continuing to payout smaller offers. Sadly, even this is now being abused. We have now found a reliable partner network to use who have tons of offers, and we will now receive chargeback information within 2 weeks.

Due to the continued abuse of some users who are creating lots of different BTC addresses and then setting up automation tools to complete our offers, we are now having to have a mandatory 2 week wait period before we can pay users. We don’t want to do this but sadly we’ve been left with no choice.

Please understand that we are NOT in the game of shaving your earnings and refusing payouts. If you have completed an offer and done it properly (i.e. no false information or attempting to automate offers then you WILL receive payment, but there will be a two week delay on them. We hope by doing this that we can make the site more reliable and in the future look at bringing you even more offers with higher payouts. We plan on increasing our payouts within the next few weeks as the price of BTC is still quite low.

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