Competition Announcement

I’ts that time again when we announce the winners of our fortnightly competition, well today there is a difference, to say thankyou for being such good members we have this week added a bonus prize of 100,000 Satoshi. The winner of our first prize of 10,000,000 (10 Million) Satoshi goes to our lucky winner with… Read More »

Competition Winners Announcement

I apologise in the delay in announcing this fortnights winner as have been sick, but now i am on the mend so here are your winners. Our lucky winner of 10 Million satoshi goes to Bitcoin address ending in 4fAQN, this will be paid to the winners bitcoin wallet straight away. Our runner up winner,… Read More »

The lucky winners of Competition Draw 3 Announced

Congratulations to our two lucky winners who have won this competition round. Our lucky jackpot winner of 10 Million Satoshi is awarded to bitcoin address ending in xWZQj And our runner up winning 500,000 Satoshi has been chosen, last 6 digits of the bitcoin address kcgK9. Our jackpot winner will be paid directly into their… Read More »

Recent Site Changes

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been bringing a few changes to Bitcoinreward. So far we have: Migrated the website to a new, faster and more secure web host. This will give us better control of Bitcoinreward and some other additional features we will be bringing to it Increased payouts by 100%! Since… Read More »

Two week hold on payouts

Hi all, As you know, we pride ourselves on always paying out on time and making sure nobody misses a payment. When we first started our site, we would pay every 24 hours no questions asked regardless of the payout amount. Unfortunately, by doing this, we opened ourselves up to abuse as people were completing… Read More »

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How To Earn Bitcoins

So you want to know how to earn Bitcoins? Well, there is no doubt that Bitcoin is gaining momentum. Every day, tens of thousands of new wallets are created and people are looking to fill them up. For those just starting off with BTC, it can often be quite daunting to invest money in a… Read More »

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