Beginners Guide to Crypto Trading

Here at Bitcoinreward we love everything that is crypto. But outside of the fascninating technology aspect there is also a multi billion dollar industry just waiting to be tapped into. This is the first of a series of emails teaching you how…Read More »

Competition Announcement

I’ts that time again when we announce the winners of our fortnightly competition, well today there is a difference, to say thankyou for being such good members we have this week added a bonus prize of 100,000 Satoshi. The winner of our…Read More »

Recent Site Changes

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been bringing a few changes to Bitcoinreward. So far we have: Migrated the website to a new, faster and more secure web host. This will give us better control of Bitcoinreward and some other…Read More »

Two week hold on payouts

Hi all, As you know, we pride ourselves on always paying out on time and making sure nobody misses a payment. When we first started our site, we would pay every 24 hours no questions asked regardless of the payout amount. Unfortunately,…Read More »

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