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Beginners Guide to Crypto Trading

Here at Bitcoinreward we love everything that is crypto. But outside of the fascninating technology aspect there is also a multi billion dollar industry just waiting to be tapped into. This is the first of a series of emails teaching you how…Read More »

Recent Site Changes

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been bringing a few changes to Bitcoinreward. So far we have: Migrated the website to a new, faster and more secure web host. This will give us better control of Bitcoinreward and some other…Read More »

Two week hold on payouts

Hi all, As you know, we pride ourselves on always paying out on time and making sure nobody misses a payment. When we first started our site, we would pay every 24 hours no questions asked regardless of the payout amount. Unfortunately,…Read More »

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How To Earn Bitcoins

So you want to know how to earn Bitcoins? Well, there is no doubt that Bitcoin is gaining momentum. Every day, tens of thousands of new wallets are created and people are looking to fill them up. For those just starting off…Read More »

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Announcement – New Google Plus Feature

We have recently added a new feature to our site. You can now share our site through Google Plus and receive 400 Satoshi. We have also increased payouts for all our other social media shares to 400 Satoshi! That means, you can…Read More »

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