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Here at Bitcoinreward, our goal is to help you make us much Bitcoin as possible. That is why we provide the biggest range of offers on any Bitcoin earning site giving you huge earning potentials. Depending on the country you reside in, there can be as many as 500,000 offers (including our tasks) available for you at any one time.

But, we appreciate that there may be times you don’t feel like doing anymore offers and that is where our referral system comes in. Unlike other earning sites who only offer 10% commission, we offer a huge 50% commission for life. That means, any users you refer, you will get 50% of all of their offers they complete for life. We have some users on our site who make a lot of Bitcoin consistently all because of referrals.

In this guide we will look at five effective ways to earn lots of Bitcoin using our referral system.

1 – Start A Blog

Starting a blog is a great way to get your referral link out there. Obviously your blog can be about anything but you are likely to get better conversion rates by creating a blog related to Bitcoin, or earning money online. You can write posts on how to earn (i.e. using our site) and then include your referral link.

Google likes blogs with lots of original content so for better chances of success, be sure to update the blog now and then, the more posts you have with your referral link, the better chance you have of getting more referrals!

Also, once your blog is ready, you can advertise it on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) and other sites where you can drop your link (Yahoo Answers etc).

Check out these links below to get yourself a free blog:

Blogspot –
Wordpress –
Blog –

2 – Advertise on Social Media sites

Social media makes up a very large percentage of all Internet traffic nowadays and therefore the target audience is huge. Obvious sites to advertise on are Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You could write a post on how you are earning Bitcoin through Bitcoinreward and then include your referral link at the bottom.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, the three sites above aren’t the only social media sites on the Internet, there are thousands of others and these are all ready for you to drop your referral link into.

3 – Post on Answer sites

There are plenty of people on the Internet looking for an answer on something. Yahoo answers and AOL answers are two biggies but there are tons of others out there. These are perfect places to drop your referral link. Look for questions related to Bitcoin, earning bitcoin and earning money / making additional income.

4 – Post on Forums

Forums or message boards are a great place to tell people about our site. There are plenty of Cryptocurrency forums out there but also ‘make money online’ forums where people are trying to find ways to earn money online. Our site is the perfect platform for people to make an extra income, especially for those with very little technical knowledge. To make money from our site you literally just need a BTC address, no investment or technical knowledge is needed. Stressing this point to people on forums will make it a great incentive to sign up (under your referral link of course!)

5 – Comment on Blogs

There are no shortage of blogs on the Internet related to Bitcoin. High traffic blogs normally spark discussions on a lot of their posts and therefore have a big target audience. These are ideal places to spread the word about Bitcoinreward and share you’re referral link. People who are interested in Bitcoin and earning Bitcoin are likely to click your link if you talk about how great the site is and how much you can potentially earn.

Some good blog search engines are:

Google Blog Search:
IceRocket Blog Search:
Blog Search Engine:

That’s it for now. We hope you find this useful, over the coming weeks we will be posting more in depth guides to help you maximize your earnings so stay tuned and subscribe!


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