Privacy Policy

Here at Bitcoinreward we take your privacy seriously and have designed our site with your privacy in mind. We have created a very simple and easy to follow privacy policy below.

A cookie is a small file stored on your computer that enables a website to save information to prevent you from having to constantly fill it in. At Bitcoinreward we use cookies to store your Bitcoin address and other basic session information when you are filling in offers. None of the cookies we use store any personal information of any kind.

Email Addresses
We offer you the ability to enter your email address to earn 2,000 satoshi. We may email you from time to time with news on the site and other special offers we think may interest you. We never share your email address with third parties and we also allow you to opt out should you wish to.

Data Collection

We collect basic information, such as your Bitcoin address, what offers you have filled out, and how much Bitcoin you have earnt. At no point do we collect any personal information of any kind or log any details that could be used to identify yourself or your location.

Data Storage

Although none of the data mentioned above could ever identify you or your location, we store it in a secure database that only the staff at Bitcoinreward have access to. No other third parties will ever have access to this information.

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